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A layout template may be seen as a list of layout instructions that will produce a certain layout effect.

Layout templates may be executed from the layout template dialog, a user button or shortcut-key

Layout templates may be bound to a user-button by means of the shortcuts dialog that binds to a shortcut that has a button assigned.

Layout templates contain plaintext (like all MusiCAD files) so they can be edited in an ordinary text editor (like notepad). You can edit from within MusiCAD using the edit-button edit in the layout templates dialog. A template file may look like:

melodie "MijnSjabloon";
!%TemplateNL: MijnNaam|MijnSjabloon
!%TemplateUK: MyName|MyTemplate
!%TemplateDE: MeineName|MeineSchablone
!# iMinDX=2;iMaxDX=16;iHeaderSize=23;iLineSpacing=0;iNBarsPerLine=4;
!# iStaffDist=0;iHdrDist=0;iResizeOrphanPct=21;iScaleHorizontal=85;
!# iScaleVertical=85;iPageLeft=15;iPageTop=10;iPageRight=15;iTempo=90;
!# bAutoBass=0;bAutoChords=0;fSelection=(Size=5, Y=7);fInfo=(Name=Arial);
!# fInfo3=(Name=Lucida Bright, Size=11, Style=fsBold, Color=clRed, Y=7);
!# fChords=(Size=14, Style=fsNarrow, Y=-12);

All non default style parameters are listed here. Any MusiCAD music or template file starts with a line: melodie "NAME";

Next three lines determine for supported languages (Dutch, English and German) the group to list with, and a description comment.

The rest of the lines list the parameters to be changed.

By the way, every MusiCAD melody lists its layout exactly the same way: parameterName=value;.


no(extra) staff distance (default is 2)

 !# iStaffDist=0;

set infotext3 font-style:

 !# fInfo3=(Name=Lucida Bright, Size=11, Style=fsBold, Color=clRed, Y=7);

In layout templates a few additional constructs may be used that are not allowed in music-fields:

 !# iScaleHorizontal=*+5;iScaleVertical=*+5;

The use of *+5 means add 5% to mentioned parameter.

Parameters that are meaningful for single parts - when used within a template - will set a value for all parts.

There is an alphabetical overview of all parameters for use in a template: template parameters

Template script

Layout templates may perform a few actions like selection, transposition, addition of parts and export of files in other formats (midi, pdf).

A layout template that will split a double voiced part will have the following content:

 SETPART( sVoicename, Upper );  ! rename part to "Upper"'
 ADDPART( COPY1 ); ! Copy current part
 SETPART( sVoicename, Lower ); !rename part to "Lower"
 MODIFYPART( RemoveHighvoice ); ! remove top notes
 SELECTPART( sVoicename, Upper ); ! Select part "Upper" 
 MODIFYPART( RemoveLowvoice); ! remove bottom notes

Templates may be bound to shortcuts and even to a button on the buttonbar

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