Midi file

From MusiCAD

MIDI files are a kind of Esperanto in the music world. Almost any music program can handle MIDI files.

A MIDI file stores very precise information about the notes to be played, much more precisely than is necessary or even desirable for music notation. Translating that excess of detailed information into notable music usually requires quantization. Note durations are rounded (usually lengthened) to a note duration that is practical to note.

Conversely, much information that is present in sheet music - or should be for music notation - is not or hardly present in MIDI files. Think of barlines, distinction between G#/Ab, decorations etc.

MusiCAD can both read (import) and write (export) MIDI files.

When saving MIDI files, the parts that are currently audible are kept in the score and you can specify whether text (lyrics, chord symbols etc.) should be included.