Page break

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MusiCAD determines on the basis of the notation image when a page is 'full' and then ensures that a new page is created. This is called a soft page break. Soft page breaks also occur if you have set a fixed number of lines per page.

You can also specify that you always want to start with a new page at a certain location. This is called a hard page break. Hard page breaks are made using the bar line menu.

hard page break

After a page transition (hard or soft) there is usually some 'white' left that can be distributed over the rest of the page. A page is justified if more than the specified justification percentage of the page is in use.

A conditional page break only becomes active if it is placed in the lower part of the page. You can determine how large that part is with the page completion percentage.

conditional-page break

You can read such a conditional page break as:

If necessary, I want a new page here, but of course not if this line is already in the top part of the page.

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