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When making arrangements you can use arrangement files.

To make a chord progression audible in music you could always use automatic bass and chord parts which used chord symbols in the main part based on the time signature. Arrangement files give you much more control over the rhythmic aspects of the accompaniment.

An arrangement file is a melody file in which one or more measures of accompaniment are noted. Arrangement files can be edited like regular MusiCAD music files; they just get the extension .arr .

two-bar samba accompaniment
two-bar samba accompaniment for guitar: pat-4-4-samba-gitaar.arr

The pattern to be used as notated in C major is applied to the chord progression in the music to be arranged when using such an arrangement file. It is of course required that the piece of music to be arranged uses the same time signature as the arrangement file. Editing arrangement files is done just like regular melody files on the notation bar.

Arrangement files are in turn used in an accompaniment arrangement.

You run an arrangement by selecting the desired arrangement from the layout templates list (or using any hotkey or template included in a toolbox).

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