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Browsing through long stretches of sheet music in a music library is usually no longer necessary. Typing the title of the song into a search engine is often enough. When it comes to popular music, some pictures often surface with the accompanying music notation.

Unfortunately, much of the sheet music found will not suffice because it has the wrong key, it doesn't have chord symbols, is written for piano while you play clarinet etc. etc. Although a lot of sheet music can be found with a good search, you will sometimes have to jot down the notes on paper yourself. Importing midi-files is also a way to get the desired sheet music.

What you need is a notation program on your computer.

Below you see some examples of sheet music as made with MusiCAD.

Walz no 1 opus 39 Johannes Brahms

A piano piece in B major.


Adieu it's loves last greetin, Franz Schubert

Four-part choir music rendered with soprano/alto in the treble clef on the top bar, and tenor/bass in bass clef on the bottom bar.

Adieu it's loves last greetin, Franz Schubert

Auld long syne

Sheet music of an old Scottish hymn shown with chord symbols and using the font MusiCAD-Jazzy. As soon as chord symbols are used with a melody line, MusiCAD will immediately add accompaniment parts to be able to judge whether the harmony is right. You can easily 'play' with alternative harmony by changing a few chord symbols. A text block is used to include the corresponding text.


Drum notation

Sheet music of a score of 5 parts including percussion notation


Oh Susanna

Lead sheet for a so-called 'traditional' - compact sheet music in the form of a melody line with lyrics and chord symbols.

oh suzannah.jpg

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