Notation buttons

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Notation buttonbar

The notation buttons on the button bar are:

clefs Clef menu Insert/modify clef
key signatures Key menu Insert/change key signatures
time signatures Time signature menu insert/change meter
tempo changes Tempo menu insert/change tempo changes
repetitions Repeats menu entering Da capo constructions and other non-note-related characters.
trills Trill menu entering note-bound options such as embellishments, fingering etc.
dynamics Dynamics menu entering dynamics
Lines Line menu entering items consisting of two objects (beginning/end) lines, slurs, crescendi etc.
Barlines Barline menu enter/change all types of barlines.
Note attributes Note properties menu all note-related features (stem direction, visibility, etc.)
Rest Rest menu entering rest
grace notes Grace note menu entering grace notes
Accidents Accidental menu specifying accidentals (sharp/flat/natural)
tools Tools menu toolbar tools

You will also find this option under [Edit|Insert].

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