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Using the trill menu using button mordent or <Shift-F7> you can add embellishment-signs to notes. Notes can have various combinations of features from the trill menu:

It is - of course - not possible to combine two or more features from one group.

Shortcut Symbol Group Name
<`> prall t prall
<~> long prall t long prall
<m> mordent t mordent
<z> grupetto t turn
<t> trill t trill
<shift-q> staccissimo t staccatissimo
<.> staccato t staccato
<shift-L> tenuto t tenuto / non-legato.
<ctrl-alt-1> roll t roll
<ctrl-alt-2> double roll t double roll
<ctrl-alt-3> triple roll t triple roll, tremolo
<ctrl-alt-f> flageolet closed n flageolet (sound)
<ctrl-k> cue-note n cue note
<ctrl-f> flageolet open n flageolet (play)
<shift-x> drum cross n percussion
<shift-y> drum n cymbal crash
<shift-z> cymbal splash n splash
<>> accent a accent
<shift-n> marcato a marcato
<shift-v> up-bow a up-bow
<ctrl-^> down-bow a down-bow
<alt-shift-1> 1 f fingers 1-5, L.. R
<^> fermate o fermate
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