Key menu

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You will see the key menu after using the button key or the keyboard shortcut <shift-F9>.

On the displayed circle of fifths the current key signature is preselected.

key menu

In the key dialog, use the mouse or arrows to select what the new key should be and press [insert] (to change key at the cursor position) or [replace] (to replace the existing key (far) before the cursor position).

Note: Selecting a new key is not the same as transposition!

minor key

The check box for [minor] shows minor keys to choose from instead of major keys. For more information, see also theory.

key with 7 flats

The 7 flats check box shows the enharmonic exchanged (major) keys of Db, Gb, and Cb instead of C#, E# and B (or in the case of minor Bbm, Ebm and Abm instead of A#m, D#m and G#m)

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