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buttonbar-duration buttons

With the duration buttons on the buttonbar you set the duration of the notes to be entered.

The first two buttons (triplet button and dot button) are on/off buttons and influence the selected duration with the other 6 buttons.

If a quarter note duration was chosen, and you also press the augmentation dot button, clicking or <Enter> will add a dotted quarter note inserted in place of the cursor.

If a quarter note duration was chosen, and you also press the triplet button, clicking or <Enter> will add a triplet quarter note inserted at the position of the cursor. An accidentally entered single triplet note is marked with a 3 above/below the note. Two triplet notes - which together do not form a complete triplet - are given a colon instead of the usual 3 to indicate that 'something is not right' with the triplet durations.

More or less the same applies to quintuplets and septuplets.

In addition to the 'regular' duration buttons, you have duration change buttons to change the existing duration of a note, just like with the function keys <F5> to <F8> to change.

duurtr <3> select triplet note duration
duurpunt <5> select note duration dotted
duur1 <1> select note duration 1/1
duur2 <2> select note duration 1/2
duur4 <4> select note duration 1/4
duur8 <8> select note duration 1/8
duur16 <6> select note duration 1/16
duur32 <7> select note duration 1/32
duur2x3 <F5> create triplet (note duration times 2/3) - change note duration of existing note
duur3x2 <F6> dotting (note duration times one and a half )
duur1x2 <F7> halve note duration
duur2x1 <F8> double note duration

If you hold down the control key, you can set the duration of a previously entered note to the indicated value by clicking on one of the 'normal' buttons.

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