Examples - part extraction

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The simplest form of sheet music in MusiCAD is a single part.

There are usually more parties present in an arrangement, so extraction of a part from a score is needed often. To get only the part that is needed for your instrument on paper, a few extra steps are required. In the example we assume the supplied arrangement 'Rhumba' in which the text formatting somewhat adjusted.

Go to the score overview with the button score or the corresponding hotkey <F3>



This shows that the top two parts of the five parts present have been placed in the score.

Now to print the bass part, the third part must be made visible, and we do that by first clicking on the third part, which moves the part marker Partmark.jpg, and then on the 'eye ' eye to make the part visible in the score:

rumba + bas


If we want to omit the first two parts, the remedy is: click part and use eye again, and this for the top two parts.




Only the bass part, but now please use the chord symbols (and other texts) as were present in the main part.

To this end, the 1st part must be included as text part in the score with the button t


rumba score

That's exactly what we wanted. But what if the part has to be played by the tuba...

Fortunately we have a button for that: make sure the bass part is active as above and press edit part

Choose transposition and then C to B flat part followed by the button [Ok]


In the overview you can now see the detuning have been changed to -14 (was -12) to compensate for the notation (which is now two semitones higher) it has to keep in tune with the other parts. The part has received two extra sharps.



In order not to confuse the tuba player (a tuba is a transposing instrument and plays a Bb when a C is read) we will omit the chord symbols anyway. In order to include the other text specified in the main part, we will disable the display of chord symbols by removing the check mark (setting the font size to zero could also have been done).


Click [Ok] and the tuba part is ready.


Another little thing, when playing it doesn't sound very much like tuba... We're going to do something about that:

Back to the part overview, select the bass part, click on the button gitaar and choose the tuba from the list presented.


[Ok] two more times and we're done. Maybe just adjust the part name, part title and abbreviation.


Click twice on the bass box in the part column and change the text to tuba. Ditto for the title and abbreviation.