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Playing ukulele is quite popular these days. And for reason. A ukulele is a small, cheap, guitar-like instrument with four nylon strings, usually tuned G C E A. Because of the limited number of strings and the guitar-like tuning it is easy to learn a few chords and actually start accompanying singing.

Easy ukulele chords

At the end of this page you'll find a ukulele chord chart containing major, minor, seventh and diminished chords for each possible key. The chart might be a little intimidating. It makes almost no sense to start learning them from first to last, and a lot of the chords will almost never be used by ukulele players. When learning ukulele chords is is probably best to learn them as a set belonging to a key.

Let's start with the most important chords in the key of C, the key without any sharps or flats. The chords to use are: C (of course), G7 and F.

Note that the first chord in many tunes is the key-chord, the most important chord that (almost) always will also be the last.


When mastering these chords, pay attention to the much occurring sequence G7 - C. The G7 poses tension that is being released by the C-chord. G7: question, C: answer.

Now start strumming with Oh when the Saints and notice the G7-C at the and of the tune.


The same three chords will be useable for a whole lot of other tunes. However, you may have to switch to another key if the tune reaches too high or too low.

Next step will be another (but close related): key G major featuring one sharp and provides the chords G, D7 and C. In this key, the tension-release pair is D7 - G


In this set we have one already familiar chord the C. In the key of G-major it will be the least used chord next to G (most used) and D7. Note that the G-chord is much like the G7 chord from our first set, but with the questioning aspect removed (the note f is replaced with an extra g).

A tune to go with the key of G: The wild rover


Although it is possible to write ukulele diagrams next to each chord by hand, it is way easier to let MusiCAD do that job for you:

Show the chord diagrams to a tune by pressing the toolbox button and select ukulele diagrams.

Ukulele chord chart


The ukulele chord_diagrams as shown above originate from the file mentioned in [Options|Preferences|Files|Chord diagram list]

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