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A balalaika is a Russian stringed instrument with a distinctive triangular body and three (usually single) strings tuned E4-E4-A4.

Balalaika chord diagrams can be written manually at chord symbols and chord diagrams near the bar, but that's a lot of work. If the notes already have chord symbols, you can quickly add diagrams to your chord symbols by changing [Part properties|Chord Diagrams] to "balalaika ". For each notated chord symbol, the corresponding grip is found and displayed. In this way, chord diagrams are displayed correctly even after transpose.

Because a balalaika has three strings, you can never play real seventh chords; in all fingerings of chords with 4 or more notes, at least one note is therefore always omitted.

If your balalaika is later replaced by for example a guitar just enter the instrument code "git" and you're done!

balalaika chords



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