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A panduri is a 3-string instrument from Georgia on which mainly chords are played. Panduri chord diagrams can manually be written using MusiCAD near chord symbols at the stave, but that is quite a bit of work...

If the notes already have chord symbols, you can quickly add diagrams to your chord symbols by entering 'panduri' under [Part properties|Chord diagrams]. For each notated chord symbol, the corresponding diagram is found and displayed. In this way, chord diagrams are displayed correctly even after transpose.

Because a panduri has three strings, you can never play dominant seventh or diminished seventh chords; in all fingerings of dominant seventh or diminished seventh chords at least one note is therefore omitted.

The panduri tuning makes some chords very easy to play (the instrument is - usually - tuned to an A major), but other chords are quite difficult. In a number of cases the fingerings are simplified at the expense of the completeness of the chord.

If the panduri is later replaced by a different tuned instrument, you can add the chord grips for the new tuning to the chord diagram file and reuse them over and over again.

panduri chords


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