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Music for violin is notated sounding with the treble clef.

When noting music for violin, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • you specify bow direction with bowing marks up-bow and down-bow down bow
  • apart from ties most slurs will instruct to play the slurred notes with one bowing stroke.
  • Fingering for the left hand uses numbers 1 through 4 for index finger through little finger and a 0 for an open string.
  • flageolets are written with diamond-shaped noteheads.
  • the lowest possible note is a G3, the highest note without having to play in position is an A5.
  • strings are numbered from highest to lowest with roman numerals: I = E5, II = A4 , III = D4 , IV = A3
  • use pizzicato or pizz. to indicate that you should not stretch but strum. arco ends pizzicato.
  • if you want to play with sordine (damper), con sordino or con sord. is noted, and with senza sord. played normally again.


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