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The description of layout templates as used in hints of button bar buttons are taken from the relevant translation file, depending on the set language. Notifications in template functions such as MESSAGE() can also use translatable texts.

Such a translation file is nothing more or less than a normal text file in ini format:

 gTools = Toolbox
 gLayout = Layout

 layoutUse0bars = No fixed bars per line
 layoutUse4bars = 4 bars per line
 layoutUse8bars = 8 bars per line
 layoutOptimize = Optimize layout

If the first line of a layout template reads:

 melody "#gLayout|#layoutOptimize";

and the language is set to English (en), then texts starting with # are looked up in the file en.translate. The relevant template will become visible in the template overview of templates / <F2> in the "Layout" section with the text "Optimize layout".