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The other dialog contains several user configuration options affecting the use of MusiCAD

other dialog

Selects the interface language; currently Dutch and English. If there is enough demand other languages may be added.
Confirm exit
Ask confirmation on (accidentally) exiting MusiCAD
Cancel confirmation
Ask confirmation on (accidentally) canceling a dialog after changes.
Select whether to show hint balloons when the mouse hovers above a button.
Track edit
Let MusiCAD keep track of position within a file during playback.
Sound without focus.
Select whether MIDI-I/O should be released when MusiCAD loses focus.
Check Available updates.
If checked, MusiCAD will test for available updates at each program start..

GhostScript is a free implementation of the PostScript language which enables MusiCAD to save music as PDF, JPG and PNG. By default all printing is performed using GhostScript. The GhostScript dialog [Options|Preferences|GhostScript] makes it possible to fine-tune GhostScript operation and even replace GhostScript with another postscript interpreter, as is required when using GPL-licensed software (GhostScript) bundled with non GPL software (MusiCAD)

[GhostScript (GS)]
It is possible to print without GhostScript: just uncheck GS.
The filename of the actual GhostScript executable: gs550.exe, if version 9.50 is installed gswin64.exe would be used.
Command line options to be presented to GhostScript:
-q quiet-mode
-dBATCH non-interactive
-dNOPAUSE don't pause between pages
[GS Device]
Printer driver to be used, usually mswinpr2
[GS directory]
Directory where the GhostScript files are located, version 5.50 uses a sub directory of the main installation directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Musys Software\MusiCAD 4.2\gs The optional 9.50 version would be installed in C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.50\bin
[GS destination]
Full filename for the temporary postscript file generated



Color settings

MusiCAD will draw black notes on a white page by default.

You may override the coloring scheme as needed/desired using the right pane color settings. Staff lines are drawn gray by default. Some printers show the color grey with quite large dots. Setting the staff line-color to black will circumvent the dithering problem.

Color print
Must be activated to print colors. On a black&white printer you should disable color-printing.