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Ornamentation signs are written symbols near note head or stick that instruct a player to embellish a note in a prescribed way.

MusiCAD allows you to change the appearance of ornamentation using the text-style ornaments in Layout-Varia

Shortcut Symbol Name
<`> prall prall
<~> longprall long prall
<m> mordent mordent
grupetto grupetto
<z> turn turn
trill-grace-below trill with grace from below
trill-grace-above trill with grace from above
<shift-u> long trill long trill
<t> tr trill

Ornamentations may be added using the trill-menu, or a corresponding shortcut. Use the context menu to alter the position of an ornament with a note.

How ornaments are played by MusiCAD you can specify in the playback-dialog.