Playback dialog

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The playback dialog lets you determine some of the interpretation of your score while playing.


You can affect playback with a bunch of switches that will alter the resulting notes:

[Da-Capo audible] Effectuate/ignore da-capo-like constructions
[Legato audible] Without legato switched on, all notes will be switched off before the next note starts.
[Ornamentation audible] Disable audible ornamentation completely, play ornaments/embellishments using anticipation, chromatically/diatonically, slow , baroque or fixed timing.
[Cue notes audible] Play or ignore cue-size notes.
[Dynamics audible] Use dynamic levels when marked
[Multi-rest audible] Effectuate multi-bar rests. Can be switched off to ease listening to solo parts containing long multirests
[MIDI events audible] Effectuate in-line MIDI-events like instrument changes
[Fermate delay] Percentage delay to insert when a fermate sign is found. 100 means no delay
[Swing] Use swing-timing when appropriate
[Lead-in ticks] Emit a number of lead-in ticks for use in play-along

Default accents will be on the first beat within a bar as well as first notes of every cluster, unless you specify 0 for [First note within bar] and [First note within cluster].

How loud or soft the effect of a dynamics marker will be is something you can define here. ppp to fff are the resulting MIDI-volumes (between 0 and 127) the remaining options are dynamic changes.

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