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This feature is under construction...

MusiCAD can quickly provide you with an accompaniment arrangement for a melody with chord symbols using suitable layout templates.


The template chosen here creates a rumba accompaniment to the current music. The accompaniment can only be created if the pattern files requested in the template are also present for the time signature.

The template looks like:

 melody "Rumba Accompaniment";
 !%TemplateEN: Accompaniment Patterns|Latin-Rumba
 !# USEPATTERN(rumba-bass);
 !# USEPATTERN(rumba claves);
 !# bAutoBass=0;
 !# bAutoChords=0;

Because a melody was supposed to be opened in 4/4, two files are needed here:




Both arrangement files can be edited just like MusiCAD music and consist of one or more bars of accompaniment.

So two new parts are created based on the chord symbols in the current melody: a rumba bass part and a rumba claves part, after which the 'regular' automatic bass and chord part be omitted.