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A wav file is an (uncompressed) audio file in which no information is stored about instrument, playing style, etc. When saving a .wav file, MusiCAD first saves the midi file belonging to the music according to the score overview (inaudible parts are omitted).

To subsequently convert the midi file into a wav file, a plugin is required: MID2WAV.plugin

This plugin uses a - to be installed separately - program that generates a wav file with the information from the midi file.

An (open source) program that can be used for this is wildmidi. In addition to the midi converter used, a collection of sounds is also required. For example, WildMIDI uses freepats


Two files in this wildmidi.exe and libWildMidi.dll are needed.


The result can be put in C:\ProgramData\FreePats.

In patches.cfg the reference should be to C:\ProgramData\FreePats.

Usage (command line)

 wildmidi -o SOMEFILE.wav -c patches.cfg SOMEFILE.mid

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