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MusiCAD can use a number of 'plugins', external programs that perform a specific task related to converting one file type to another.

For the time being, these external programs are not all included, but you have to install them (mid2wav and mid2mp3) yourself. In order for the plugin to work on your computer, the associated plugin file must contain the correct information.

The following plugins are possible:

  • xml2abc.plugin for importing musicxml files via abc conversion
  • abc2xml.plugin for musicxml export via abc
  • mid2wav.plugin for exporting music as a wav file
  • wav2mp3.plugin for exporting music as mp3 file

Such a plugin file consists of a few lines of plain text:

  plug-in name
  description (hint)
  program name
  command line options
  folder name (optional)

For example, the content of the plugin file xml2abc.plugin is:

  Convert MusicXML to abc
  -o "$(OUTDIR)" "$(IN)"

The provided sample plugins files expect the external programs in the directory where MusiCAD is installed: $(EXEDIR)