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If you don't read music well (or not well enough) from sheet music, you can use a music notation program to:

  •  Playing difficult passages slowly a large number of times.

MusiCAD plays the selected piece until you press a key.

  •  Playing along with other parties. As soon as you play together with others, you can no longer 'cheat' by skipping beats and bars or adding extra play. The computer is quite unrelenting in this regard: you get exactly what it says and not a beat more or less.
  •  Study upbars. If you have difficulty with pick-up bars, it is very useful to practice it with the computer.
  •  Practice rhythm. All kinds of rhythmic figures such as triplets, syncopation, irregular time signatures are quite difficult to study well if you have not been making music for very long; music notation software is then very useful.
  •  Practicing on your own isn't always fun to do. Having second voices and/or accompaniment parts made by the computer and then playing along with your own part with the computer - as fast or slow as you want - can make practicing much more fun.

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