From MusiCAD

If you should find yourself editing templates, these are some of the possible parameters you may use and an accompanying brief description.

bAllowScoreEdit SETUP Use scorestyle-edit even for single voices ["1"]
bAudibleLegato SOUND legato-bows audible ["0"]
bAudibleMIDI SOUND MIDI-specific items audible ["1"]
bAudibleTempo SOUND Tempochanges audible ["1"]
bAutoBass SOUND Automatic bass accompanimentpart constructed from chordsymbols ["1"]
bAutoChords SOUND Automatic chord accompanimentpart constructed from chordsymbols ["1"]
bAutoCorrect SETUP Autocorection of fixed bar lines ["1"]
bAutoEqualize SETUP Equalize all parts within a score by adding 'disposable rests' (gray) ["1"]
bAutoOrphan LAYOUT Justify unsufficient filled lines partially ["1"]
bBeepOnError SETUP Emit sound on errorsituations ["1"]
bConfirmQuit SETUP Confirm before quitting MusiCAD ["0"]
bCopyText SETUP Copy text when creating a new part ["0"]
bDCAudible SOUND DaCapo construction audible ["1"]
bDrumSync1 SETUP Percussion syncopated on beat 1 ["0"]
bDrumSync2 SETUP Percussion syncopated on beat 2 ["0"]
bDrumSync3 SETUP Percussion syncopated on beat 3 ["0"]
bDrumSync4 SETUP Percussion syncopated on beat 4 ["0"]
bDynAudible SOUND Dynamics audible ["1"]
bFastRepaint SETUP Redraw only the changed area ["0"]
bGhostScript SETUP Use GhostScript when printing. (without pictures) ["0"]
bGraceAnticipate SOUND use anticipating grace notes ["0"]
bGraceAudible SOUND Make note/MIDI enhancements audible ["1"]
bGraceChromatic SOUND Use chromatic beautifying notes ["1"]
bGraceSlow SOUND use slow grace notes ["0"]
bHideGraceNotes LAYOUT Hide all grace notes without actually removing them ["0"]
bHideNotes LAYOUT Audible note duration when entering notes ["0"]
bLastRecall SETUP Recall last used melody on start ["1"]
bMatchArcs SETUP Verify 'begin-tie' and 'end-tie' ["0"]
bMIDIEcho SETUP "Echo" every receivedMIDI-note to MIDI-playback. ["1"]
bMIDIText SETUP Store text with MIDI-files. ["1"]
bMultirestAudible SOUND Multiple rests take time ["1"]
bPercussionMapping SOUND enable MusiCAD percussion pitch change ["1"]
bPrependAcc SETUP enter accidentals beforehand (before click/<Enter> ["0"]
bQuantGrace SETUP Use gracenotes when quantisizing ["0"]
bQuantLead SETUP Use starting rest when quantisizing ["1"]
bQuantShort SETUP Use shortening when quantisizing ["0"]
bQuantTriads SETUP Use triads when quantisizing ["0"]
bReadLayout SETUP Read layout from MusiCAD files ["1"]
bShowAutoRests LAYOUT Synthesizer (0=GM 1=Base 2=Extended): ["0"]
bShowBorder LAYOUT Draw rectangle around each page within margin. ["0"]
bShowHints SETUP Show hint-information (like this) ["1"]
bShowMarks SETUP Show edit marks as little blue squares ["1"]
bStichAudible SOUND cue-notes and alike audible ["0"]
bSwing SOUND Swing-timing ( 1/16+1/16 becomes 1/12+1/24 ) ["0"]
bTaskPanelVisible SETUP Show taskpanel ["0"]
bTickLines SETUP use ticklines when creating a chordscheme ["0"]
bTrackEdit SETUP Track last edit bar on redisplay. ["0"]
bTracking SETUP Track melody during play. ["1"]
bTruncLines LAYOUT Do not write bar lines for unused part of line ["1"]
bUseColor SETUP Use color when printing ["1"]
bWarnBlock SETUP Emit warning before commiting changes on blocks. ["0"]
bWideScroll SETUP Scroll editwindow by measure or by line ["0"]
bWriteLayout SETUP Write layout when saving MusiCAD files ["1"]
colBorder SETUP Bordercolor on-screen in page-mode ["clGray"]
colCursorBK SETUP 2nd color for notecursor ["clRed"]
colCursorFG SETUP 1st color for notecursor ["clYellow"]
colDimmed SETUP Color for dimmed elements (grey-notes/invisible text) ["clGray"]
colFrame SETUP Framecolor around notes (if enabled) ["clGray"]
colMark SETUP Markercolor ('blue rectangles') ["clBlue"]
colNote SETUP Default notecolor on-screen ["clBlack"]
colPaper SETUP Papercolor on-screen ["clWhite"]
colSelect SETUP Selectioncolor ('Blocks') ["clRed"]
colStaff SETUP Staffcolor / ledgerline color on-screen ["clGray"]
fBarnumbers LAYOUT Textlayout for bar-numbers ["(Name=Arial, Size=5, Y=7)"]
fBarText LAYOUT Textlayout for staff-height text ["(Size=24, Y=-4)"]
fBase LAYOUT Base layout ["(Name=Times New Roman, Size=8, Style=fsNormal, Color=clDefault, X=0, Y=0, Align=taLeft)"]
fChords LAYOUT Textlayout for chordsymbols like Am, C#7, Ddim etc. ["(Y=-10)"]
fCoda LAYOUT Textlayout for DaCapo-constructions ["(Size=14, Y=8)"]
fDynamics LAYOUT Textlayout for dynamisc symbols ["(Size=12, X=-2, Y=-10, Align=taRight)"]
fFC LAYOUT centered text within footer ["()"]
fFingering LAYOUT Symbol layout for fingering-signs ["(Name=Times New Roman, Size=5)"]
fFL LAYOUT left text within footer ["()"]
fFR LAYOUT Right text within footer ["()"]
fHC1 LAYOUT Upper text centered within header ["(Size=20, Y=-2)"]
fHC2 LAYOUT Middle text centered within header ["(Size=15, Y=-1)"]
fHC3 LAYOUT Lower text centered within header ["(Size=10)"]
fHdrCenter LAYOUT Base header layout center ["()"]
fHdrFoot LAYOUT Base voetlayout ["()"]
fHdrNext LAYOUT Base non-first-page headerlayout ["()"]
fHdrOther LAYOUT Base header layout other ["(Name=Arial)"]
fHeaders LAYOUT Base header layout ["(Size=8, Style=fsNarrow, Y=0)"]
fHL1 LAYOUT Upper text left within header ["()"]
fHL2 LAYOUT Middle text left within header ["()"]
fHL3 LAYOUT Lower text left within header ["()"]
fHR1 LAYOUT Upper text right within header ["()"]
fHR2 LAYOUT Middle text right within header ["()"]
fHR3 LAYOUT Lower text right within header ["()"]
fInfo LAYOUT fsItalic, Y=8)"]
fInfo1 LAYOUT Textlayout used for directions 1 (dolce etc.) ["()"]
fInfo2 LAYOUT Textlayout used for directions 2 (instrument releated like arco etc.) ["(Y=-8)"]
fInfo3 LAYOUT Textlayout used for directions 3 (cue marks [A] etc.) ["(Name=Arial, Size=11, Style=fsNormal, Color=clRed, Y=7)"]
fISpecific LAYOUT Symbollayout for instrument-specific signs like upbow, stress etc. ["()"]
fLyrics LAYOUT Base textlayout for any lyrics ["(Name=Arial, Style=fsNarrow)"]
fLyrics1 LAYOUT Textlayout for lyrics 1 (i.e. 1st verse) ["()"]
fLyrics2 LAYOUT Textlayout for lyrics 2 (i.e. 2nd verse) ["(Y=-12)"]
fLyrics3 LAYOUT Textlayout for lyrics 3 (i.e. 3rd verse) ["(Y=-16)"]
fLyrics4 LAYOUT Textlayout for lyrics 4 (i.e. refrain) ["(Y=-20)"]
fMultiRest LAYOUT Textlayout for ciphers of multirest ["(Name=Times New Roman, Size=12, Style=fsBold, Y=5, Align=taLeft)"]
fMusic LAYOUT Baselayout for music-symbols ["(Name=MusiCAD, Size=10, Align=taCenter)"]
fNC LAYOUT centered text within header on non-first pages ["()"]
fNL LAYOUT Left text within header on non-first pages ["()"]
fNR LAYOUT Right text within header on non-first pages ["()"]
fOrnaments LAYOUT Symbol layout for ornamentation signs(mordenten, trillers etc.) ["(Size=12)"]
fSectionCenter LAYOUT centered text in melodiesecties ["(Size=15, Y=15)"]
fSectionLeft LAYOUT left text in melodysections ["(Y=13)"]
fSectionRight LAYOUT Right text text in melodiesecties ["(Y=13)"]
fSelection LAYOUT Textlayout for repeatsigns (prima volta, 1-tjes) ["(Size=8, Y=7)"]
fSpecial LAYOUT Textlayout for special music symbols ["()"]
fSymbol LAYOUT Symbol layout for manually inserted MusiCAD symbolen ["()"]
fTempo LAYOUT Textlayout for tempoaanduidingen ["(Name=Arial, Size=7, Y=8)"]
fText LAYOUT Base textlayout ["(Size=7, Y=-8)"]
fVoiceHdr LAYOUT Textlayout for partdescription at first line ["(Size=6, X=15, Y=7)"]
fVoiceHdrX LAYOUT Textlayout for partdescription at non-first lines ["(Size=0)"]
ibar linePct LAYOUT Weight of bar lines shown as percentage (100=default) ["100"]
iBarNumbering LAYOUT Choose bar-number locations ["0"]
iBarsLeadIn SOUND Number of lead-in ticks ["0"]
iBassNoteHi SETUP Highest note within auto-bas: ["B3"]
iBassNoteLo SETUP Lowest note within auto-bas: ["C2"]
iBottomStaffHeight LAYOUT Reserved extra whitespace below staff, usually 0 ["0"]
iChannel SOUND MIDI channel number (1-16) ["0"]
iChordNoteHi SETUP Highest note within auto-chord: ["C6"]
iChordNoteLo SETUP Lowest note within auto-chord: ["C4"]
iContinuationBars DATA Continue part with paattern used in the muber of bars given. ["0"]
iCurBar DATA Choose bar-number locations ["1"]
iCurID DATA Additional distance between two staffsystems within a score (verticalunits): ["0"]
iDrumNote1 SETUP Drum note at 1st beat ["35"]
iDrumNote2 SETUP Drum note at after beat ["42"]
iDrumNote3 SETUP Alternating drum note ["38"]
iDrumProgram SETUP Drumprogram to be used for percussion ["0"]
iDrumSplit4 SETUP language to be used in menu's and dialogs ["1"]
iDynAccent SOUND accent (MIDI-volume) ["10"]
iDynAccentExtra SOUND marcato (MIDI-volume) ["20"]
iDynBar SOUND Extra volume added to each first note within a bar ["10"]
iDynCluster SOUND Extra volume added to each first note within a cluster ["15"]
iDynCresc SOUND crescendo, louder, increasing volume (MIDI-volume) ["30"]
iDynDeCresc SOUND decrescendo/diminuendo, softer, decreasing volume (MIDI-volume) ["-30"]
iDynF SOUND forte, loud (MIDI-volume) ["110"]
iDynFF SOUND fortissimo, zeer loud (MIDI-volume) ["120"]
iDynFFF SOUND fortissimo possibile, as loud as possible (MIDI-volume) ["127"]
iDynMF SOUND mezzo forte, medium loud (MIDI-volume) ["100"]
iDynMP SOUND mezzo piano, medium soft (MIDI-volume) ["90"]
iDynP SOUND piano, soft (MIDI-volume) ["80"]
iDynPP SOUND pianissimo, very soft (MIDI-volume) ["60"]
iDynPPP SOUND pianissimo possibile, as soft as possible (MIDI-volume) ["40"]
iDynRFZ SOUND rinsforzando, stressed notecluster (MIDI-volume) ["-20"]
iDynSFZ SOUND sforzato, stressed single note (MIDI-volume) ["20"]
iDynStart SOUND Starting volume if no dynamics were used ["100"]
iDynTenuto SOUND tenuto (MIDI-volume) ["10"]
iEditX SETUP Note width in pixels during edit mode: ["5"]
iEditY SETUP Note height in pixels during edit mode: ["4"]
iFermatePercent SOUND Tempo adjust percent for fermates ["200"]
iFixedGraceDur SOUND Fixed embellishement duration (set 0 for relative duration) ["1/32"]
iHdrDist LAYOUT Distance between header and first line ["4"]
iHeaderSize LAYOUT Height of text above melody in vertical units: ["12"]
iHelpLinePercent LAYOUT Length of ledger lines (100% is default) ["100"]
iIndentStaff1 LAYOUT Staffindentation for first line. ["0"]
iIndentStaffNext LAYOUT Staffindentation for other lines. ["0"]
iInstrument SOUND MIDI-instrumentname, <F3> or rightclick to change. [""]
iLineFillPct LAYOUT Justify lines if at least this percentage of the line has beenfilled: ["60"]
iLineSpacing LAYOUT Additional distance between two staffsystems within a score (verticalunits): ["4"]
iMaxBackups SETUP Maximum number of backup copies per melody: ["2"]
iMaxDistPct LAYOUT Largest allowable notedistance used behind longest note (at 100% all notes are at least two dots apart) ["100"]
iMaxGlobalUndo SETUP Levels of global undo ["10"]
iMaxMenuFiles SETUP Maximum nr of previously opened files to be shown in File-menu ["5"]
iMenuOptions SETUP Options_dialog ["0"]
iMenuPart SETUP Score_dialog ["0"]
iMetronomeVolume SETUP Volume of MIDI-drum-metronome: ["100"]
iMIDIInputType SETUP Sound output device ["0"]
iMIDIInputVolume SETUP MIDI-Input volume ["100"]
iMIDILevel SETUP Synthesizer (0=GM 1=Base 2=Extended): ["0"]
iMIDIOutputType SETUP Sound input device ["0"]
iMIDIShiftIn SETUP Number of semitones to be shifted while recording: ["0"]
iMIDIShiftOut SETUP Number of semitones to be shifted while playing: ["0"]
iMIDISplit SETUP MIDI-split point: ["C3"]
iMinDistPct LAYOUT Smallest allowable notedistance used behind shortest note (at 100% all notes are at least half a dot apart) ["100"]
iMinTieDistance LAYOUT Draw slur instead of tie when notes are closer than prescribed (in 1/100 units) ["350"]
iNBarsPerLine LAYOUT Maximum bars per line (0=auto) ["0"]
iNLinesPerPage LAYOUT Maximum lines per page (0=auto): ["0"]
iNrstaff lines LAYOUT Nr of lines per staff, usually 5 ["5"]
iPageBottom LAYOUT mm whitespace use as bottom margin ["15"]
iPageFillPct LAYOUT Justify page if at least this percentage of the page has beenfilled: ["75"]
iPageLeft LAYOUT mm whitespace use as left margin ["20"]
iPageLen LAYOUT Length of paper in mm ["297"]
iPageRight LAYOUT mm whitespace use as right margin ["10"]
iPageTop LAYOUT mm whitespace use as top margin ["15"]
iPageWidth LAYOUT Width of paper in mm ["210"]
iPan SOUND Panning, position within stereoview: 0=left, 64=center, 127=right ["64"]
iPlayDur SETUP Audible note duration when entering notes ["100"]
iPrnOrient LAYOUT Paper Orientation (Portrait/Landscape) ["0"]
iPrnPaperSize LAYOUT Papersize ["4"]
iQuantNote SETUP Choose shortest allowable note (1/8) ["1/16"]
iQuantRest SETUP Choose shortest allowable rest (1/16) ["1/16"]
iQuantSmall SETUP Choose shortest allowable unit (1/32: Note>=Rest>=Unit. ["1/32"]
iRepeatCount SOUND : and :| too: ["1"]
iResizeOrphanPct LAYOUT 'Orphans' are bars on a non-filled line. and should expanded with the same amount as filled lines ["10"]
iSaveInterval SETUP Time in minutes between two automatic backup copies: ["3"]
iScaleHorizontal LAYOUT Horizontal scalingfactor (100% is default) ["100"]
iScaleVertical LAYOUT Vertical scalingfactor (100% is default) ["100"]
iSizeFtr LAYOUT Footer height at bottom of page. (0 for auto): ["8"]
iSizeHdrNext LAYOUT Header height of other pages.(0 for auto): ["8"]
iSizeHdrSection LAYOUT Minumum height to be reserved for use with sections ["20"]
iStaffDist LAYOUT Whitespace between two staffs within a score ["2"]
iStaffHeight LAYOUT Height of a staff in vertical units: ["20"]
istaff linePct LAYOUT Weight of staff lines shown as percentage (100=default) ["100"]
iStemLengthPct LAYOUT Length of stems (100% is default) ["100"]
iStemLinePct LAYOUT Weight of stems shown as percentage (100=default) ["100"]
iStichNoteOffset SOUND Stichnote play offset: ["0"]
iSwing SOUND Swing-timing used for long-short clusters 0='1:2', 1='2:3' ["0"]
iTempo SOUND Tempo in quarternotes per minute. ["120"]
iTopStaffHeight LAYOUT Reserved extra whitespace above staff, usually 0 ["0"]
iTransposition SOUND Transposition of part (play nr of semitones higher then notated) ["0"]
iUndoLimit SETUP # of undo buffers: ["30"]
iVolume SOUND Base playbackvolume of part, >=0, <=127 ["100"]
iWidthPostbar line LAYOUT Extra white space after bar lines (1/100 units) ["50"]
iWidthPostCKMchange LAYOUT Extra white space after key (1/100 units) ["50"]
iWidthPrebar line LAYOUT Extra white space before bar lines (1/100 units) ["50"]
sArea DATA Area [""]
sArranger DATA Arranger of the piece ($A) [""]
sComment DATA Comment [""]
sComposer DATA Composer of the piece ($C) [""]
sCopyright DATA Copyright holder ($R) [""]
sCountry DATA Coubtry of origin [""]
sDirGS SETUP GhostScript directory ["$eGS"]
sFC LAYOUT Footer text center ["$R"]
sFilGSDest SETUP Filename to be used with Postscript ["$tMCPRINT.PS"]
sFilSjabloneABC SETUP Layout template for imported ABC files [""]
sFilSjabloneMC SETUP Layout template for MusiCAD-files without self-contained layout [""]
sFilSjabloneMIDI SETUP Layout template for imported MIDI files [""]
sFilSjabloneTXT SETUP Layout template for imported text files ["$eDEFTXT.MSJ"]
sFL LAYOUT Footer text left ["$M $Q $D"]
sFR LAYOUT Footer text right ["$<Pg $#"]
sGSCommand SETUP GS Print command ["GS550.EXE"]
sGSDevice SETUP GhostScript 'device' to be used ["mswinpr2"]
sGSPrintOptions SETUP Parameters for GS printing ["-q -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE"]
sHC1 LAYOUT Header text center top ["$T"]
sHC2 LAYOUT Header text center middle ["$S"]
sHC3 LAYOUT Header text center bottom ["$F"]
sHL1 LAYOUT Header text left top ["$P$ $G$ $z"]
sHL2 LAYOUT Header text left middle ["$H$ $W"]
sHL3 LAYOUT Header text left bottom ["$@ $m"]
sHR1 LAYOUT Header text right top ["$v$ $X"]
sHR2 LAYOUT Header text right middle ["$C$ $Z"]
sHR3 LAYOUT Header text right bottom ["$A$ $Y"]
sInfo DATA Info [""]
sMode DATA Mode [""]
sNC LAYOUT Next page header text center ["$T"]
sndAlert SETUP Sound for low priority warning ["SystemAsterisk"]
sndClick SETUP Sound for lowest priority warning ["SystemDefault"]
sndError SETUP Sound for high priority error ["SystemExclamation"]
sndFatal SETUP Sound for fatal error ["SystemHand"]
sndWarn SETUP Sound for warning ["SystemQuestion"]
sNL LAYOUT Next page header text left ["$P"]
sNR LAYOUT Next page header text right ["$X"]
sOriginal DATA Originele auteur [""]
sPlayOrder DATA Order [""]
sSendToEMail SETUP SEND TO. ["Muziek Archief MusiCAD <>"]
sSource DATA Source of the tune ($Z) [""]
sStyle DATA Styledescription [""]
sSubTitle DATA First subtitle ($S) [""]
sSubTitle2 DATA Second subtitle ($F) [""]
sTextWriter DATA Songwriter of the lyrics ($W) [""]
sTitle DATA Main title of musicpiece ($T) [""]
sTuning DATA Tuning (like Bflat instruments) (X) [""]
sTxtArea DATA Description for "Area" [""]
sTxtArranger DATA Description for "Arranger" ["arr: "]
sTxtComment DATA Description for "Comment" [""]
sTxtComposer DATA Description for "Composer" [""]
sTxtCopyright DATA Description for "Copyright" ["\Oc "]
sTxtCountry DATA Description for "Country" [""]
sTxtInfo DATA Description for "Info" [""]
sTxtMode DATA Description for "Mode" [""]
sTxtOriginal DATA Description for "Original author" ["org: "]
sTxtPlayOrder DATA Description for "Order" [""]
sTxtSource DATA Description for "Source" [""]
sTxtStyle DATA Description for "Style" [""]
sTxtSubTitle DATA Description for "Subtitle" [""]
sTxtSubTitle2 DATA Description for "Seconf subtitle" [""]
sTxtTextWriter DATA Description for "Songwriter" ["txt: "]
sTxtTitle DATA Description for "Title" [""]
sTxtTuning DATA Description for "Tuning" [""]