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The color of [Notes], [Staff], [Barlines], and [Paper] can be set at [Options|Preferences|Other]

You can also adjust the color rendering of selections and markers/target points here as desired.

Under [Grayed] set how secondary notes, invisible rests and hidden text will look.

Under [Inactive] set the color of inactive parts on the notation bar.

With the two cursor colors you set the cursor in such a way that it always stands out as clearly as possible.

If you are printing on a monochrome printer, you will usually uncheck the [Color Print] box to prevent colored gray lines (such as horizontal note lines) from appearing as dotted line on paper.

If a color printer has run out of ink, it can be useful to turn off [Color Print].

To change note color halfway through a piece of music, insert a color change.

Color changes are saved in the MusiCAD files, the settings for color usage specified here are not.