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MusiCAD 4 is great to use without license to create sheet music (just try!), but sooner or later you will probably get annoyed by the built-in limitations of the evaluation version... If you get tired of typing all the numbers and letters over and over and you want to be able to share your files with other users/computers it is time to purchase a license.

Please read this text carefully before paying

If you can work with MusiCAD to your satisfaction, you might purchase a license.

In addition to the usual things, there are some additional restrictions and conditions:

  •  It is expressly intended to work with the version without license first. Only when you have satisfactorily tried all features that seem important to you, it is useful to consider applying for a license. There is no warranty of proper functioning or fitness for purpose (nothing special, in fact that applies to all software).
  •  Without license, MusiCAD works in the so-called evaluation mode (demo) with some limitations. All errors that occur without license will continue to occur under license (except for the intentional clumsiness in storage, and file interchangeability).
  •  Before buying a license, it is a good idea to try everything out first: does the printer print well, does the sound card work well, etc. This is your guarantee of good functioning! After entering the key, MusiCAD still does everything the same way, but without the restrictions. For example, if your sound card doesn't work without a key, it won't work with a key either, so you'll have to adjust the installation or settings of that sound card.
  •  MusiCAD provides a 'request code', a unique 'fingerprint' of your computer. You need this application code (which is linked to your computer) to be able to purchase a key (license). A license key only works on the computer you bought it for, using the name you provide when applying. If you buy a new computer, you also need a new key (second license). In that case, a greatly reduced price applies.
  •  If you decide to purchase a license, please complete the registration form as found in the program under [Help|Registration] in version 4. At the same time, you pay the amount due (full version / upgrade / 2nd license) to account number NL38 INGB 0006 4934 86, stating your email address (see also payment)
  •  The license for version four on your computer remains - of course - valid for all subsequent updates of version 4. new versions of the MusiCAD 4.xx software, with extensions/improvements, can be downloaded from the internet site or by using the update feature in MusiCAD.
  •  To keep costs as low as possible (and therefore also the price of MusiCAD) the process of downloading, paying, registering and sending the license has been automated as much as possible.
  •  Once a key has been issued, no refunds are possible; a license for MusiCAD consists of nothing more than the correct row of letters and numbers and therefore can't be 'returned'! If you decide - after payment but before you have requested a key - that MusiCAD for some reason is not what you hoped, and you have already paid for the full package, you can request a refund of the total amount, less € 10 administration costs.
  •  The software is exclusively distributed via the internet, you will in principle not receive anything sent to your home. The original MusiCAD installer file may be freely copied, distributed and installed by individuals, provided that nothing is changed or added to it, and that no higher fee than €3 is charged. In all other cases, written permission from Musys Software is required.
  •  There is no paper manual (and probably never will be), but there is an extensive up-to-date help system on the web.

No rights can be derived from the information above.