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The repeats menu is shown by pressing coda on the button bar or shortcut <shift-F6>.


Several signs all having to do with repeating and shorthand constructions are collected in the repeats menu.

<alt-1> Selective repeat (prima volta) repeats-menu.jpg
<alt-2> Selective repeats (secunda volta) repeats-menu1.jpg
<shift-s> Segno-sign above staff repeats-menu2.jpg
<shift-o> Coda-sign above staff. repeats-menu3.jpg
<alt-s> Dal Segno D.S. above staff D.S.
<alt-d> Da Capo D.C. above staff. D.C.
<alt-f> fine sign above staff. Fine
<$> Paragraph sign above staff repeats-menu4.jpg
<%> bar-repeat within staff repeats-menu5.jpg
Intro: start here repeats-menu6.jpg

Scoremarkers A to G are also available through the repeats-menu

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