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You can perform almost any action in MusiCAD with the mouse. During design, however, it has been assumed that most note entry operations can be (much) faster with the keyboard.

A number of things are, of course, sometimes much more convenient to solve with the mouse:

Of course you won't learn shortcuts by heart for those things that you don't need much, and the mouse is more convenient, but those things that you do use a lot can be done better/faster with a shortcut.
In particular, enter notes are really much faster with arrow keys and <Enter> than with the mouse.

In page view there are a few more useful mouse options.

Click on the:

If the mouse (mouse mode) button on the button bar is pressed, clicking a note will only cause the cursor to move.

To indicate that clicking with the mouse will enter a note, a red note will be attached to the mouse cursor:

mouse cursor having a red note

You can assign your own commands for the notation bar to mouse clicks left/right/middle - whether or not in combination with shift, control and/or alt keys. You use hotkey definitions.