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A medley is usually understood to mean a succession of a number of separate pieces of music. Often the individual pieces of music are shortened for this purpose, put in an appropriate key and, if necessary, glued together with a few adjustments (extra bars, interludes, etc.).

When you want to create a medley:

  • open the first piece of music and save it under a new name: medley-1;
  • do the same with the other piece of music; call that medley-2;
  • then adjust medley-1 and medley-2 as desired (trim, intro, outtro, time signature, key, order, end bar) and save the adjusted parts;
  • open medley-2 and select all with <ctrl-A> use the cut (or <ctrl-C>) to copy the music keep it on the notepad;
  • open medley-1, navigate in edit mode to the end of the first part and paste the previously saved music there with the paste button paste or <ctrl-V>;
  • now save medley-1 as medley;
  • both parts may provided with their own section headings.

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