Edit options dialog

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edit options dialog

Auto-correction lets MusiCAD make decisions about where to insert bar lines in parts other than the main part (usually first voice) default = on
Fast draw
Eliminate screen updates as much as possible (default=off)
Prepend accidental
Allow use of <+> and <-> before a note is entered (default=off)
Cursor move
Move cursor when using <Page Up>/<Page Down>by bar (on) or by line (off) (default=off)
Score edit
Edit part-wise or complete score. Part-wise editing may be useful to track errors in a larger score when display is cluttered due to errors. (default=on)
Show blue marker blocks in edit mode
Warn block-use
Determine whether MusiCAD should ask be you are (accidentally) performing a block action (default=off)
Auto equalize
Whenever two parts do not have the same duration MusiCAD can add 'invisible' rest notes to make part duration equal and (more or less) displayable. (default=on)
Match begin/end tie
Issue warnings when tie-begin and tie-end signs do not match (default=off)
Note-play duration
Note-duration in milliseconds on insertion of a new note
Undo limit
Number of undo-steps (default 30)
Note width
Width of a note during edit
Note height
Height of a note during edit
Live MIDI-record
If the MIDI-button and live-MIDI-record is enabled it is possible to enter a live-played music phrase guided by metronome clicks instead of note-by-note