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Despite all care taken with software and documentation, Musys Software cannot accept any liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of MusiCAD and/or associated documentation and software.

4.1 (Build 851)

4.1 (build 811)

  • Continuous repeat play possible <shift-space>
  • Block selection possible within main screen using mouse
  • Manual page numbering possible
  • MusicXML import/export added
  • Chord notation systems added
  • Prima volta/Secunda volta over multiple bars using <ctrl +>
  • Conditional line break/page break enhanced
  • Recently used playlists listed below recent melodies
  • Toolbox added to buttonbar
  • Fonts enhanced
  • Chord-diagrams for stringed instruments (guitar, ukulele) generated from chord-symbols
  • Registration dialogs enhanced
  • Heaps of smaller changes.
  • English help text enhanced

4.0 (build 740)

  • UTF8 used for diacritics and other alphabets (greek, russian etc.)
  • update from within MusiCAD
  • Touch screen supported
  • Linux/Wine supported
  • annotations supported <ctrl click>
  • Toolbox added <F9>
  • Assignable button-bar buttons
  • Template shortcuts possible
  • Play-lists added.
  • Full screen mode possible <F11>
  • Templates boundable to shortcuts (scaling with <ctrl +> and <ctrl->)
  • German selectable as interface language
  • Piano roll display enhanced with buttons to change key, meter and tempo. MIDI-file name is used as default instead of song-title.
  • More slurs and other items from the line menu per line possible.
  • Disabled cancel button in registration form during installation to prevent erroneous installations.
  • Non-active parts are displayed with different color
  • Command line options enhanced